Customer-specific solutions

Individual adaptions built, implemented and managed through our AM service

Digitization is increasing the demand for both data-driven and new, more personalized services. This brings structural changes to the banking and finance sector and applies to the core business, as well as the customer’s contact routes. At Applicon, we strive to create new business opportunities, faster processes, and efficient collaborations linked to digital solutions.

We do this by following our strategic mission:

  • Our solutions should make everyday life easier for our clients – and their customers
  • We will find new perspectives on how the delivery of services and products is best carried out in bank and finance
  • We shall find new ways of collaboration, externally and internally, and create services and products adapted to the new, digital life
  • We strive to take care of our solutions and ensure that their life cycle is optimal. That’s why we want to take the opportunity, whenever given, to manage them in our AM service.
Please contact Andreas for more information
Andreas Eliasson


Managing Director

+46 (0(73) – 980 36 00

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