Applicon i-Banking

Bank and finance customers are doing more of their business online

It is necessary to allow customers to handle their financial transactions whenever it suits them. They expect immediate access to an informative and easily accessible IT environment. To achieve competitive, approachable banking services, we need to connect flexible, user-friendly customer interfaces with underlying transactional systems in a secure way.


The i-Banking service hub consists of several SOA services to provide a fully covered internet bank, based upon a standard banking platform and surrounding services. The solution handles security and communication with the data warehouse and business systems. The framework provides a secure and reusable interface for the functionality and data that supports the presentational framework.


The presentational framework is a web solution that makes it possible for business banks to deliver a vast number of banking services to their customers. This is done in a secure, effective, and flexible manner. The built-in software development kit and the administrator portal provide an opportunity for unique customer adaption and branding.


Applicon i-Banking is a framework for effective data management between SAP’s banking platform and the customers. Applicon i-Banking consists of two frameworks; Applicon i-Banking Service Hub and Applicon i-Banking Portal, both based on the latest Microsoft technology. Security is a critical part of the application. All data transfers are encrypted according to the latest standards, and user authentication is based on two-factor authentication.

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