History & core values

A Swedish fintech company specialized in banking and finance

We are a fintech company that collaborates with banks and financial institutions in the Nordic region. Our 80 coworkers have vast experience in banking, finance, business processes, management, system development, implementation of standard systems, and the adaption to international banking systems. Our office is located in central Stockholm.

Applicon in Sweden sprung from a merger between Marquardt & Partners, who have been operating in system development and administration within banking and finance since 1995, and Applicon Sweden, founded in 2006.

Applicon Sweden is owned by an Icelandic leading provider of services and solutions within information technology. The parent company, called Nýherji up until the 1st of January 2018, was then merged with two subsidiaries; Applicon Iceland and TM Software – and changed its name to Origo. The merger created a unit with a more extensive offering in IT solutions and services that more efficiently utilizes the strength of each company, which also enables better support for customers. Applicon works with Origo on several projects and assignments.

Our business in Sweden and the Nordic region is built on these pillars:

Standard software

Applicon is an implementation partner for established providers of standard software, such as SAP.

Services and solutions

Applicon delivers digital services and solutions for our clients’ projects and management commitments.

Core values

When you engage Applicon in a mission, apply for a position with us, or are in contact with us for any other reason – it’s essential to know who we are and what we stand for. Like all businesses, our work is based on a set of core values. However, these values are insignificant unless employees – the company’s most important asset – feel involved and engaged in them. That’s why all of Applicon’s employees have worked through several words of value together to find those that apply to us. That’s why we can proudly present the following core values as Applicon’s own:


We always meet the client’s needs and challenges in a professional way. We collaborate and engage with others to build new knowledge and solutions and stay ahead of the curve.


We are genuinely engaged in our missions and the client’s business and always keep a positive and innovative attitude toward the assignment. We utilize close dialogues with the client and our colleagues, and we all participate in creating an environment where everyone thrives.


We always roll up our sleeves to help whenever needed. We constantly expand our knowledge and respect other people’s competencies and opinions. We are open to new ideas and ways of working and dare to try new solutions to old problems.


We keep each other accountable throughout the project to deliver high-quality products and support to customers and colleagues. If we lack the information needed to complete a task, we actively seek it out. We welcome help but keep complete ownership of each task until it’s finished or handed over.

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