Sponsorships & Civic Participation

What do sponsorships and civic participation mean to Applicon?

At Applicon, we think it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to contribute to heart-warming commitments. As a company, you’re an integrated part of society, and it is only natural for us to use part of the surplus we generate to improve it.
We actively work with sustainability – both for the environment and the employee. We’re happy to support projects that aim to strengthen these areas. In our industry, we must see people as a sustainable resource instead of a disposable one. We achieve this by ensuring that our employees have a reasonable workload and are allowed to develop continuously – professionally and personally.
Our children are our future. As a tech company, we want to inspire young people everywhere to learn programming and discover the possibilities that new technology brings. We believe an awakened interest in technology is an excellent foundation for life in today’s digital world.

Applicon in Sweden sprung from a merger between Marquardt & Partners, who have been operating in system development and administration within banking and finance since 1995, and Applicon Sweden, founded in 2006.

Applicon Sweden is owned by an Icelandic group and a leading provider of services and solutions within information technology. The parent company, called Nýherji up until the 1st of January 2018, was then merged with two subsidiaries; Applicon Iceland and TM Software – and changed its name to Origo. The merger created a unit with a more extensive offering in IT solutions and services that more efficiently utilizes the strength of each company, which also enables better support for customers. Applicon works with Origo on several projects and assignments.

What initiatives does Applicon currently have?

UNICEF – Together for Ukraine

Applicon and its employees have chosen to join forces and donate money to vulnerable children in war-torn Ukraine.
“Applicon Sverige is holding a fundraiser to help all of Ukraine’s families and children in the fight for freedom and human rights. We will double our employees’ donations and donate everything to Sweden for UNICEF, who work on-site to save lives.”

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Applicon is a steadfast supporter of Stadsmissionen and their important work for vulnerable people. A few examples are:
To help the homeless in our immediate environment in Stockholm, we chose to donate money to Stadsmissionen in connection with our “Go live” at SBAB.
We donated money to Stadsmissionen as a Christmas gift to vulnerable children.
“This year, we’re donating money to Stadsmissionen’s important work with children who live in vulnerability – so that everyone can celebrate Christmas without exclusion.”

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Aktiv Skola

Children are our future. The foundation Aktiv Skola works with social entrepreneurship with focus on drugs, grooming, health, environment and bullying to improve the conditions for learning and positive development among students. Aktiv Skola work toward better schools – “The future starts in the classroom”.

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